2010-11-07 21:01:37 by Genshed

I just uploaded another one. Im hoping that I'm getting better. Id appreciate reviews or any other forms of feedback.

*POW* Break

2010-11-06 00:35:37 by Genshed

I'm probably going to be taking a break from FL Studios. The drummer for my band just came back from college for an extended break so I'll probably be jamming with them for a while instead. I slap some bass hardcore.


2010-10-22 06:56:25 by Genshed

So I downloaded the FL Studio demo and submitted i think four songs to the portal. Ive been searching very hard for my MIDI chord but so far have not found it. Hopefully I can find it soon because that could make things a lot easier.

Hey Broski

2010-10-04 22:12:49 by Genshed

I am a long time visitor to newgrounds but just recently joined and uploaded a song which is still under judgment. I'm in a bit of sticky situation when it comes to equipment so the quality is pretty bad. I hope maybe you'll listen and maybe like it.